mums@work helps employers to attract, hire, support and retain parents in the workplace.  
mums@work provides consulting services, practical toolkits, training, coaching and hiring solutions to create and sustain a family friendly and flexible workplace. Talk to us about a customised solution for your organisation on 02 9967 8377 or

Some of our clients include One Steel, Goldman Sachs JBWere, AstraZeneca, Mallesons Stephen Jaques, State Trustees, NSW Roads and Transport Authority (RTA), Hunter Douglas, Clayton Utz, Australian Sports Commission, Johnson & Johnson, Mars Snackfoods, Avant Insurance, Catholic Education Office, Westpac.

Employers can access: HR Toolkits; Recruitment Services; Training Workshops and Seminars and Career Coaching services enabling you to attract and retain parents in your workplace.

  NEW Parental Leave Stay in Touch Service  
  To ensure your employees experience a smooth transition to and from parental leave,  it’s vital to offer a ‘stay-in-touch’ service which allows you to continually communicate with employees at home. mums@work  is making it easier for you to stay connected to your parents on leave and retain talent with our new service.  We can help your business create a parental leave program and better still, manage the program for you making it easy for managers and employees transition to and from parental leave.  Find out more or
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    Does your business need us?  
    Parents in your workplace  
  What percentage of your staff are aged between 25-45 and how many are parents?  
  Do you have a parental leave policy?  
  What is the retention rate of parents returning to work? And after 12 months of returning?  
  How do you communicate with parents and what information do you provide pre, during and post parental leave?  
  Do you offer working parents support services such as return to work coaching, workshops, child care services etc)  
  What percentage of females with children have advanced their career in your organisation vs. females without children?  
    Flexibility in your workplace  
  Do you have a flexible work policy?  
  Do you have a process and guidelines for staff and managers to facilitate a flexible work arrangement?  
  What is the percentage of staff are currently working flexibly?  
  How many staff leave your workplace leave due to lack of work life balance?  
  Do you recruit and promote people in flexible roles?  
  Do you have a work from home or telecommuting system and process that works?  
  Contact us on 02 9967 8377| for a preliminary consultation or to ask how we can support your organisation implement family friendly, flexible work initiatives.

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Designed specifically to support:
expectant parents
employees on parental leave
working parents

  Simple and convenient business case Toolkit for managers and employees to openly plan, negotiate and implement a flexible work arrangement.