Seminars & Workshops  
Employers can now choose from a range of 1-2 hour Lunch and Learn informal seminars OR customised full day workshops, delivered internally to employees and managers by professional experts in the fields of career and parenthood, work/life balance, flexibility, child care, ageing workforce, retirement transition, financial planning and more.
Each session is designed in a cost and time effective way to support your employees’ and managers’ learning requirements.

Delivery options: We can design these seminars/workshops and train your own in-house facilitators to deliver the programs or we provide facilitators for you. Employers can take advantage of complimentary value-added services when booking a seminar or workshop.  To find out more click here or contact us on 02 9967 8377.
  Customised Workshops  
  Preparing for Parental Leave  
How to proactively prepare for parental leave
Understanding options and entitlements
Handling pregnanacy in the workplace
Exploring initial return to work options with your manager
How to stay in contact during parental leave (open to pregnant employees & partners)
  Planning to Return to Work  
How to plan and prepare for your return to work
Exploring flexible work options
Negotiating with managers
How to integrate into the work place following parental leave
What to expect as a working parent
  Managing your Career as a Working Parent  
Surviving and thriving as a working parent
How to keep your career on track
Creating work life happiness
  Accomodating Flexibility in the Workplace; a manager's guide  
How managers can practically support flexibility and family friendly initiatives in their teams
Exploring types of flexible work arrangements and negotiating options with your employees
How to overcome setbacks and manage flexible career options with your team
  Gender and Pregnancy Discrimination: manager training  
New national employment standards obligations regarding flexible work and parental entitlements
How to prevent pregnancy and gender discrimination in the workplace
Practical tools and solutions for supporting parents at work
  Client Case Studies & Testimonials - read here  

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